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Business Process Management (BPM)

Business Process Management is the latest management tool that BESTECH is ready to provide to your business.  Powered by the Microsoft-based K2 software, BPM brings critical information about your business processes to the forefront, enabling you to make informed decisions on these processes.

BESTECH is able to work with you to define and build the BPM processes that fit with your company, illustrating how particular business processes flow within your workplace.  The software is then ready to provide you with the information you need, whether it is a graphical representation of your database records, reports on the timelines of critical processes, or an escalation alert of tasks that failed to meet critical time constraints.

BPM also provides collaboration tools, enabling you to assign roles and responsibilities to key personnel, as well as to monitor the availability of resources.  BESTECH’s BPM tool can play a critical role in making sure that your business is running efficiently and effectively.

Streamlining data gathering and decision making are critical to the long-term health of a business, and BESTECH is ready to help you meet these challenges with BPM.  Contact BESTECH today to find out what BPM can do for you!


  • Business Process Management
    • Automation
    • Reporting
    • Notification
    • Workflow
    • Roles/Responsibilities
    • Visualization
  • Integration
    • K2
    • Microsoft Office
    • SAP
    • SharePoint

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