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Energy Management

Some of the biggest challenges in the mining industry today are discovering ways to conserve energy, improve workplace safety and reduce environmental impact.  The high electricity prices are hurting mining companies and prices are expected to increase over time.  With a Certified Energy Manager on staff, BESTECH has the expertise to develop Energy Management Plans and provide energy management support services to help lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for your mining operation. 

Due to our extensive experience with the IESO Industrial Accelerator Program (IAP), BESTECH can generate an energy reduction plan which will include a list of potential projects that are recommended for the IESO Detailed Engineering Study phase – a study completely funded by the IAP.  Our skilled engineers can determine if peak avoidance results in a lower electricity bill by reviewing the Global Adjustment billing procedure.  We will also review and estimate savings potential from shifting energy intensive loads to off-peak hours.  Finally, we will complete an assessment with your team to identify additional energy saving opportunities to capitalize on long term benefits.

Because we thoroughly understand industrial energy usage and its influencers, BESTECH is able to create and customize energy management solutions that will meet your operational goals.


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  • Energy Management Services
    • Contract and invoice rationalisation
    • Energy management plan development
    • Review & optimization of existing energy management plans
    • Energy reduction project plans
    • Northern Industrial Electricity Rate (NIER) reporting
    • Energy management systems compliance
    • Global adjustment 5CP
      • Business case analysis
      • Peak avoidance strategy
      • Peak set-point calculation
    • Energy audits
    • Development of energy management KPIs and reporting
    • On Site Energy Managers (full-time or part-time)
    • Energy measurement and verification services
    • Integration of energy management in engineering design
    • IESO program review and identification of applicable project funding
    • IESO program application support
      • Industrial Accelerator Program
      • Opportunity Accelerator
      • Retrofit
    • Capacity increase applications
    • New electricity connection applications

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