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BESTECH is defined as a team of trusted professionals that delivers specialty services and innovative products along with a commitment to being on time, on budget, and on spec.

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Company Profile

BESTECH delivers multi-disciplinary engineering, automation, IT/IS, power systems, energy management and environmental monitoring services to the mining industry.

Company History

Founded in 1995, BESTECH was created to address the need for a group dedicated to system integration and industrial automation.

Corporate Governance

At BESTECH, we take our mission seriously. We are committed to providing stable and rewarding employment opportunities while remaining focused on our clients’ needs.

Our Experts

The experienced team at BESTECH possesses a thorough understanding of applications related to mills, smelters and underground mines and is ready to meet your needs.

Strategic Alliances

In order to provide the highest quality of service, BESTECH has aligned itself with other companies who are leaders in their fields.

Community Involvement

Owners and staff at BESTECH are highly involved in enriching the Greater Sudbury and Timmins communities through sponsorships, donations and volunteerism.


Over the years, BESTECH has been recognized for our ingenuity and our strong commitment to customer service and community development.


Proudly operating in Sudbury and Timmins, Ontario, Canada – one of the world’s largest mining regions.

Key Differentiators

BESTECH is well positioned as a unique solutions provider in Northern Ontario.  Some of our key differentiators include:


Our in-house R&D group which develops in-house products for the mining industry (NRG1-ECO®, PORTAULS® and AQM)


Our implementation and management of the largest SO2 Monitoring Network in Northern Ontario


Our excellent reputation as a leader in the industry as exhibited through:

    • Client feedback and testimonials
    • Extensive knowledge of the entire mining process (Mining, Milling, Smelting, etc…)
    • Quality of work
      • Reinforced by our Engineering Division Processes and QA/QC measures
    • Keen attention to client needs and expectations

Our leadership and innovation in organizing the NRG1-ECO Consortium aimed at reducing energy consumption in the mining industry


Our knowledge of Brownfield type projects enables us to provide solutions which are more easily integrated with existing client processes and systems

    • Provides superior engineering as real work applications are considered
    • The integration of new and old technologies is seamless

Our ability to understand automation, programming, functional specifications in a way that eases the transition of engineered projects to the owner’s automation team

    • Our engineered solutions are practical and easily integrated into the next project phase

Our unique combination of services

    • No other company in Northern Ontario can provide the gamut of services that BESTECH can provide. These include, but are not limited to:
      • Engineering – Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Civil, Structural
      • Automation – Programming and Commissioning
      • Software Development
      • IT/IS Services
      • Environmental Monitoring
      • Support Services
      • Panel Manufacturing

Our manufacturing department which can build custom panels


Our numerous strategic partnerships

    • J.L. Richards and Associates
    • Primary Power
    • Makami Engineering Group
    • North Shore Energy Outfitters
    • Oracle
    • CEMI
    • Schneider S.I. partners (only one in Northern Ontario)
    • Eaton S.I. partner
    • ABB


Operating since 1995, we have established a solid reputation in the world of engineering, automation, IT/IS and environmental monitoring.