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Company Profile

Company Profile

On Time, On Budget and On Spec

BESTECH is a trusted team of professionals specializing in the areas of engineering, automation, software development and environmental monitoring to assist companies in the international mining industry enhance their productivity, profitability and safety. Our firm also offers innovative solutions that enable organizations to increase efficiency, reduce energy costs and improve worker safety, such as NRG1-ECO® (energy consumption optimization), AQM (air quality monitoring) and PORTAULS ® (Plant Optimization Resource Tracking Asset Utilization and data Logging Software).

Client needs and requirements are very important to the team. A one-on-one relationship is established with the client and this is integral in the decision-making process where options are brought to the table and discussed. We attempt to understand the client’s perspective of a project while respecting the boundaries of accepted site and code regulations.

We understand that the client’s time table and needs are crucial; hence our motto of “On Time, On Budget and On Spec”. We vow to meet these goals and stake our reputation on these words. As a result, this philosophy creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect between us and our client.

Being involved in all aspects of a project makes it possible for us to assist our client even after a project is completed. We strive to provide innovative and cost effective solutions that will satisfy clients’ needs. The firm’s commitment to quality is manifested in the successful development and implementation of an integrated project management approach, first-rate engineering design standards, and its everyday communication with new and existing clients. Our knowledgeable team offers ongoing support as an added-value feature to ensure our products and services achieve desired results. Accordingly, we have built a reputation of excellence through our continued dedication to clients.

Since 1995, we have established a solid reputation in the world of engineering, automation, IT/IS and environmental monitoring due to our promise to deliver QUALITY services and INNOVATIVE products – “On Time, on Budget and On Spec”.

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