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Guiding Principles

The BESTECH Guiding Principles influence the approach in which the company executes its projects. They represent the tactics that owners and employees apply when they undertake their daily responsibilities.  The Guiding Principles are designed to ensure that each employee accomplishes their tasks consistently.

Every individual at BESTECH will consider the following in the approach to his/her work:


At BESTECH, we believe that there is a process for everything we do.  Effectiveness, productivity and innovation are goals we seek for our employees and all our clients; these goals are easily achieved through the use of appropriate processes. We will seek to create, evaluate, and continuously improve all of our processes.


Without commitment, “ON TIME, ON BUDGET, ON SPEC” means nothing. It is vital that all employees be committed to the success of the organization.


Every employee at BESTECH values and understands the benefits of collaboration and cooperation.  BESTECH’s success is directly related to the team’s ability to work together and to collectively make decisions.


The necessary processes in place can only be effective as long as every individual within BESTECH has the required discipline to follow them.  It is critical that owners and employees understand the impact that their role has on the ability for others to accomplish their work and to complete their tasks as prescribed by the proper processes.


BESTECH was established to create “something that is not common place”. Our efforts will focus on creating solutions or products that consistently produce this expectation in our clients.  We will be creative in our approach to resolving all challenges.


Above all else, the health, safety and well-being of employees are critical to the success of BESTECH.  Everything we do will be completed in a manner to prevent any harm to our employees, our clients or the environment.

By fully adopting the BESTECH Guiding Principles, we can ensure a consistent level of quality service delivery.

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