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SUDBURY, September 30, 2011 – As a leader in ensuring quality services and innovative products to the global mining industry, BESTECH’s Quality Management System has been registered to ISO 9001.  Based in Sudbury, Ontario, BESTECH is a prominent Canadian firm in the areas of engineering, automation, software development and Engineering Procurement Construction Management.

BESTECH’s ISO registration covers the Quality Management System for the production, manufacturing, construction, installation, commissioning and servicing of industrial control and RF systems for mining and mining related equipment.

“BESTECH’s reputation is based on the value and quality of our deliverables; whether it be for our Products or Services, this commitment to our customers has been a huge contributor to our growth,” said Ian Chegwidden, Vice-President, Products.  “In order to stay ahead of our competition, implementation of a globally recognized Quality Management System such as ISO 9001 assures our current and prospective customers that we can deliver consistent quality on all our deliverables.”

According to the registrar QMI-SAI Global, obtaining an ISO 9001 certification proves to be beneficial for many organizations as it encourages process effectiveness and efficiency, ultimately reducing waste and ensuing cost savings.  The ISO 9001 registration is also known to improve staff morale with employees appreciating their roles as they realize how their work influences quality. Furthermore, customer satisfaction is often augmented due to the resulting improved product and service quality.


BESTECH was founded in 1995 as a group dedicated to system integration and industrial automation in order to assist companies in the mining, pulp and paper, forestry, oil and gas, manufacturing, municipal and commercial industries enhance their productivity, profitability and safety.  The company has earned international recognition for its innovative energy management solution for Ventilation-on-Demand, NRG1-ECO™, which can be employed entirely throughout underground mines. This software is applied to automated equipment and processes, such as compressors, pumps and ventilation, to significantly reduce energy consumption.  NRG1-ECO™ is currently installed at Vale’s Coleman Mine and the Xstrata Nickel’s Fraser Mine in Sudbury.

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