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SUDBURY, May 9, 2013 –BESTECH is delighted to announce that the company has been named in Aon Hewitt’s list of The Green 30 of 2013. This list recognizes companies whose employees are most positive about their record of environmental stewardship. BESTECH ranked as number 27 on this year’s list, which appears in the May 20th issue of Maclean’s magazine available on newsstands today.

As a result of BESTECH’s participation in the 2013 Best Small & Medium Employers in Canada study, the company was automatically eligible for consideration in the list of The Green 30.  According to Aon Hewitt, “this list identifies 30 organizations whose employees believe they have incorporated environmental stewardship into their business model and corporate culture. [It] is based on employee perceptions of their employer’s ‘eco-friendly’ policies and practices, using data from the Employee Opinion Survey they completed as part of the Best Employers study”.

Maclean’s magazine indicated that over 200 organizations were eligible, but those that have been recognized as The Green 30 have met the standards of the most rigorous judging panel – their employees. All data is independently compiled by Aon Hewitt, Maclean’s research partners on The Green 30.

Aon Hewitt explained that six criteria help determine which companies make The Green 30 list: working to minimize the impact of its operations, products/services on the environment; considering long-term social, environmental and economic impacts in decision-making; disclosing its environmental practices; supporting the development of products/services with positive environmental benefits; effectively communicating the actions it is taking to minimize its impact on the environment; and has strategies/activities that are environmentally responsible.

BESTECH was acknowledged due to its innovative software solutions, NRG1-ECO™ and AQM™. These products were developed to help global mining operations address the challenges related to energy management and air quality monitoring.

“We recognize that mining companies have sophisticated environmental policies that ensure compliance with governmental rules and regulations,” said Marc Boudreau, Co-CEO of BESTECH. “Our products were developed as a result of industry partners approaching us with their environmental challenges. We are thrilled that we can provide solutions to these global mining operations that are in alignment with their efforts to conserve energy and reduce environmental impact, while improving workplace safety and productivity.”


With offices in Sudbury, Timmins, and Toronto, BESTECH is a prominent Canadian firm which specializes in the areas of engineering, automation, software development and environmental monitoring to assist companies in the international mining industry enhance their productivity, profitability and safety. The firm also offers the following innovative solutions that enable mining organizations to increase efficiency, reduce energy costs and improve worker safety: NRG1-ECO™, AQM, PORTAULS® and RopeInspector.


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