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Employee Testimonials

“BESTECH is an organization that is more sophisticated and dedicated to its processes than any other company I have worked for previously. Combine this fact with a mission which includes family and community, and BESTECH is a slam dunk as an employer.”

Esa Melantie


“Working at BESTECH provides endless opportunities for learning and expanding one’s knowledge. I appreciate that I have the opportunity to commission at various client sites as it allows me to meet new people, learn new systems, develop my skills and understand the operations of different companies in our industry.  The work that I do is constantly evolving which makes my job challenging and interesting. As such, BESTECH is a great venue for student placements and I value that the company feels that training students is important.  Being exposed to the younger generation brings in a new perspective to the workplace which is refreshing. Additionally, the work we execute at BESTECH highlights the magnitude of building relationships, both internally and externally, in order to be successful.  I understand that getting to know your clients in order to truly satisfy their needs and bonding with your colleagues in order to deliver quality work are essential responsibilities as an employee.  Finally, I value that both CEOs are accessible.  The knowledge that I gain and the insightful feedback that I receive from our leaders definitely allows me to grow in my field.  I strongly recommend a career at BESTECH to all qualified individuals.”

Allan Petryna, B.Sc.

Senior Automation Specialist

“My co-op experience at BESTECH was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. It was very educational, and gave me insight that will help me make decisions for furthering my education and career planning.

One of the best parts of my experience was the staff; the people within BESTECH are phenomenal. Everyone made me feel welcome, and everyone works as a team. I had no idea that working at BESTECH would be so life changing. Not only did I gain knowledge and experience, I gained many new valuable relationships and gained confidence in myself.  The placement definitely confirmed my interest in pursuing a career in accounting.”

Alysha Godin

Accounting Clerk (Former Co-op Student)

“BESTECH has given me the opportunity to work as an Electrical Designer/Draftsperson as part of my two month co-op placement leading to my Electronics Engineering Technology diploma. This period has permitted me to attain a great level of knowledge and understanding of the work field which will have a significant impact on my career. It has been very beneficial working with people from a wide range of cultures and generations because I have learned a great deal from my co-workers. BESTECH has been very supportive of the college’s technology program that I am enrolled in and will continuously develop my skills and aptitudes to broaden my knowledge and experience. BESTECH has a very bright future and is without a doubt where I want to be.”

Serge Bourdua

Designer (Former Co-op Student)