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Health, Safety & The Environment

BESTECH holds as a core value the importance of achieving zero harm to people and the environment.  It is our responsibility to protect our employees from occupational diseases and injury and prevent impact to the environment.

We endorse principles of the Internal Responsibility System, which means that we hold every employee and contractor accountable for the application of safe and responsible work practices.

The BESTECH health and safety program includes, but is not limited to, specific policies and procedures, system level procedures (SLP), system operating procedures (SOP), task specific work instruction and best practices. These processes are designed to assist our employees when executing their various tasks in a safe and responsible manner.  In addition to laws and regulatory requirements, our programs are reviewed on an annual basis, unless otherwise required, to ensure the continuous improvement of our programs as we strive towards our goal of zero harm.

In order to achieve our vision of zero harm, we commit to:



Meeting or exceeding all health, safety and environmental laws and other applicable requirements.



Preventing illness and injuries to workers and the public.


Risk Management

Implementing and measuring compliance to safe work practices, procedures and other control barriers to effectively manage our risks.



Engaging our employees and other stakeholders in communication that supports continual improvement of our health, safety and environmental performance.



Providing employees with effective training specific to their work tasks.



Avoiding pollution impacts to the environment.

Hours of Work Performed

Years Since Firm's Inception

Hours of Lost Time

We are very proud of our health and safety record of never having a lost time injury, with over 2,000,000 hours of work performed, since our firm’s inception over 20 years ago.

Every year, we review, and when necessary, redefine our Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement to ensure we are meeting and exceeding our goals through our core values.  Upon completion of this review, our statement is signed, dated and proudly displayed in all of our company locations.

BESTECH strives to be very proactive when it relates to health and safety laws and regulations and as such, participates in industry safety groups and organizations as well as maintains direct contact with members of Ministry advisory boards.  We communicate regularly with our clients to ensure all client site standards are being met and that new initiatives are complied with far in advance of deadline dates.

BESTECH promotes a strong safety culture amongst all its employees and this practice is exemplified through its Safe Work Slip program. This mandatory program requires all employees travelling from the BESTECH offices to a client’s site complete a site specific Safe Work Slip form geared to recognize, assess and control hazards at a specific facility, operation, project, activity or task.  The outcome of this process is the application of operational controls and hazard awareness to mitigate or reduce the level of residual risk to an acceptable level.  This process greatly assists our workers during site visits to not only ensure compliance, but to help with hazard recognition,  risk assessments and the use of proper control barriers to lower or when achievable, eliminate the risk.

BESTECH continues to review and make the necessary improvements to our health and safety program to ensure the safety and compliance of our employees.  In doing so, we gain the trust of our clients as we demonstrate our exceptional commitment to health and safety.

By working together and giving the most careful attention to the management of health and safety, BESTECH will meet its shared objectives of a healthier and safer working environment.  By committing to the above, we will ensure that we go beyond minimal compliance with legislated requirements and the spirit of the internal responsibility system.  Our company will stand as an example of excellence to our staff and those we serve.

Environmental Sustainability

The BESTECH Commitment


BESTECH has long realized that sustained economic growth for any organization is possible through the consideration of environmental inputs and impacts. In light of this, we have both internal and external policies imbedded throughout an extensive Quality Analysis and Quality Assurance process that minimizes impact to the environment in every situation we encounter.  Furthermore, we are  a firm believer in Business Process Management (BPM) tools, and not only do we utilize BPM to reduce internal waste and inefficiency, but we are also a licensed reseller of the K2 BPM product to assist other businesses in improving internal efficiencies.

Additionally, the BESTECH products minimize the impact human activities have on the environment.  Our company is responsible for monitoring the SO2 emissions from two of Sudbury’s mining operations, in order to help them achieve their objective of being environmentally responsible.   With the BESTECH AQM (Air Quality Monitoring) software, mines are able to improve how they manage emissions, helping to protect the environment and the welfare of the citizens in the Sudbury region.  AQM is a web-based ambient air quality monitoring system that offers a variety of options for acquiring and distributing data to various environmental and operational stakeholders who require information about production emission processes.  Data is provided in real time, and is made public, according to ministry stipulations.

With the implementation of NRG1-ECO®, mines can reduce energy costs, encourage environmental sustainability and enhance safety, while increasing operational productivity.  The energy savings are achieved through optimal control of the ventilation system (thereby reducing the total energy consumption for the mine) and through implementation of energy peak avoidance strategies (5CP strategies in Ontario).  Our customers are realizing multi-million dollar savings on an annual basis and are achieving, and in some instances exceeding, their energy saving targets.  Furthermore, the NRG1-ECO technology has been confirmed by Environment Canada’s Canadian Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)Program.  The NRG1-ECO ventilation control system successfully completed the verification process due to its ability to enable an underground mine to automatically control the air flow and volume to when and where it is needed.  By doing so, a mine is able to reduce the fans’ energy consumption by at least 20%, while maintaining a safe working environment for the underground workers. The percentage of energy savings depends on the site’s usage of the solution’s five control strategies.

Finally, our PORTAULS® software indicates whether a device or process is operating at optimum efficiency and allows you to ensure that it does so in the future by tracking how it performs over time.

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