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Air Quality Monitoring

At BESTECH, we realize the importance of protecting the environment.  Our air quality monitoring experts work hard to play a part in ensuring that future generations can enjoy clean air, healthy water and the beauties of nature.

With expertise honed from delivering and maintaining the Air Quality Monitoring Network in Sudbury, our staff specializes in the collection, aggregation and presentation of air quality data. Utilizing our powerful AQM software, we are able to monitor emissions of any variety and acquire, store and average the data as needed.

 Our air quality monitoring experts also provide automated weather balloon release systems, ambient air/particulate monitoring and mobile emissions monitoring vehicles. Our services are positioned to help you protect our environment, adhere to government regulations and manage your system more efficiently.


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  • Project Management
  • Data Logging
  • Case Studies
  • Research & Development
  • Data Reporting
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Mobile Real-Time Monitoring
  • Remote Weather Balloon Launching
  • GLC and CAPS Integration
  • Network Design
  • Integrated solutions (PLC, Web, B2B)
  • Particulate monitoring PM10, PM2.5, TSP
  • Installation, Commissioning & Service
    • SAFER
    • Meteorological Equipment
    • Stations & Enclosures
    • PM10, PM2.5, & TSP
    • SO2
    • NOX

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