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Real Time Location of Personnel, Vehicles & Equipment

LOCATE provides instant, real time information to quickly locate personnel, vehicles and equipment within a mine. LOCATE offers a central site where personnel and asset location information can be displayed and viewed. The web-enabled, intuitive system assists with monitoring the evacuation of personnel and facilitates asset management by identifying their locations in the event of emergencies or operational procedures, such as daily blasts or health and safety training drills. LOCATE integrates with various RTLS systems and is accessible from mobile devices, making it easy to use on the go.


  • Enhances worker safety:
    • Employees can be easily and quickly located in the event of an emergency, pre-blast verification, or underground seismic event
    • Provides evacuation benchmarks for health and safety training, enabling emergency management process optimization
  •  Increases productivity and profitability – equipment is effortlessly located and accounted for, eliminating delays associated with searching for equipment; thus permitting more production time


  • Mining Industry Focus
    • Engineered to meet the demands of mining and complex underground environments
  • Real Time Location Capability
    • Allows users to view and search the real time location of any tagged entities
  • Kiosk Mode
    • Movement and location information can be viewed on monitors that can be displayed anywhere for quick review by personnel
    • User can customize the views to adapt the display and information to the appropriate environment
  • Emergency Event Management Support
    • Allows users to track evacuation performance and assist with the delivery of emergency management training
    • Provides the ability to manually override and control location information of personnel, vehicles and equipment in the case of tag damage or failure, further ensuring safe zones and evacuation activities are represented
  • Operations Management
    • The ease of locating tagged equipment and vehicles can reduce downtime and in turn increase production output
    • Configurable to meet a mine’s blasting and health and safety protocols, facilitating adoption of standard operating procedures
  • Historical Activity Reporting
    • Historical emergency/evacuation statistical reports can be generated for further analysis
    • Itemizes key performance indicators:
      • Personnel movement history
      • Average time to move to a safe zone
      • Total evacuation time
      • Total number evacuated

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