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Energy Consumption Optimization

Some of the biggest challenges in the mining industry today are discovering ways to conserve energy, improve workplace safety and reduce environmental impact.  The high electricity prices are hurting mining companies and prices are expected to increase over time.   Government legislation related to workplace health and safety and environmental sustainability has caused the mining industry to re-examine operations and implement new practices towards preventing work-related illness and injury and reducing emissions.

BESTECH offers a ventilation control system, known as NRG1-ECO® (pronounced “energy-one-eco”), to help mines address these challenges.  With the implementation of NRG1-ECO, mines will reduce energy costs, encourage environmental sustainability and enhance safety, while increasing operational productivity.

A mine ventilation system usually operates at peak capacity 100 per cent of the time. NRG1-ECO allows for the automatic adjustment of a mine’s ventilation system, providing air where and when it is needed.  This adjustment allows a mine to reduce its ventilation costs by as much as 30 per cent, which represents significant savings given that ventilation is the largest energy consumer at 50 per cent.  The NRG1-ECO technology has been verified by Environment Canada’s Canadian Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program.

With the help of NRG1-ECO, mining companies across Canada are realizing substantial energy savings. These savings are demonstrated from mine sites with varying degrees of automation, infrastructure and implemented control strategies.  The savings are achieved through optimal control of the ventilation system (thereby reducing the total energy consumption for the mine) and through implementation of energy peak avoidance strategies ( e.g. 5CP strategies in Ontario, Canada).  Our clients are realizing multi-million dollar savings on an annual basis and are achieving, and in some instances exceeding, their energy saving targets.

The NRG1-ECO system can be customized to reflect each mine’s needs and protocols in order to leverage the highest ROI for each mine site.  Assistance with energy savings grant applications is available to mines for both the initial NRG1-ECO site assessment and commissioning to help leverage increased profitability and savings.



NRG1-ECO® Levels of Control

Manual Real-Time Control – allows user manipulation of devices through a web-enabled interface

Time of Day Scheduling – automatically commands devices at specific times of the day (start/end of shift)

Event Based – devices will be stopped/started or reduced based on an operational/programmed event

Environmental  – responds to environmental sensor networks inside the mine to maintain air quality within regulated parameters

Tagging (Activity Based) – integrates with new or existing Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) to deliver the required air flow based on personnel or vehicle locations in the mine


    • Can reduce a mine’s energy consumption by 30-50%

    • Lessens strain on power distribution system

    • Increases productivity & profitability

    • Diminishes greenhouse gas emissions

    • Improves worker safety

    • Integrates with and augments asset and vehicle tagging systems

    • Controls ventilation

    • Supports other energy intensive systems within mines

    • Monitors and logs air quality data


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