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Experience In Mining Systems

Mine Electrical Design

Applying electrical concepts in a mining specific environment can have some unique requirements driven by the regulations and standards that govern the use of electricity in mines.  The BESTECH team is aware of these requirements and the fact that ultimately installations are subject to the rules of Regulation 854.  While there is an electrical section in the regulation the most common clause cited by the Ministry of Labour (MOL) is Clause 155 (1) which states:

If electrical equipment is installed or modified, the work shall be done in accordance with good electrical practices.

This clause is relatively vague and is often referenced when an MOL inspector has reason to question an underground electrical installation.  The best way to ensure the operation is covered is by installing to the codes and standards referenced by Regulation 854 which include:

  • The Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC)
  • CSA 22.3 No. 1-M87 – Overhead Systems
  • CSA M421 – Use of Electricity in Mines

With decades of underground electrical engineering experience, we are intimately familiar with the mining legislation and the above standards.

Power System Studies

BESTECH has steadily been building its power systems expertise and portfolio for the last 10 years.  By bringing on new resources and successfully executing projects, power systems are another electrical specialty that BESTECH applies to the mining industry.

Over the years, BESTECH has performed numerous power system studies, led the implementation of a client’s Electrical Safety Plan, and established a process for keeping a client’s Arc Flash Hazard information current as the mine’s power system advances.  The skills and expertise provided by the BESTECH team have allowed us to successfully secure standing agreements with some of our valued clients.


Automation for the mining industry is the foundation from which BESTECH was built.  Since inception, BESTECH has been the go-to organization for the automation of mining related systems with an execution strategy that is second to none.  We have a separate Automation Division of skilled engineers and technologists within the organization to facilitate the transfer of skills and systems that have been developed. BESTECH has created and written the automation hardware and programming standards for many mine sites.  We continue to explore innovative and new opportunities to improve and simplify the programming process for these sites. Even when BESTECH is not performing the programming, our expertise is sought to establish standard programming methodologies and detailed functional descriptions.  Recognizing the BESTECH expertise in this area, a regional mine site solicited our services to develop the programming and visualization standard as well as the functional description for the following systems:

  • Binhouse
  • Dewatering
  • Fresh Air Raise
  • Return Air Raise
  • HDS Plant
  • Control Room
  • Process Water
  • Underground Backfill
  • Underground Sumps
  • Wastewater Pumphouse
  • Auxiliary Ventilation Control
  • Ore/Waste Handling

This experience further secures our foothold as subject matter experts in the area of automation of mining systems.

Networking and Communications

Also unique to BESTECH is the fact that we have a separate IT/IS Division of qualified individuals with experience specific to the mining industry.  Exposure has ranged from developing the network strategy and topology to preparing detailed designs for the implementation of these strategies both for wired and wireless networks.

BESTECH worked with a client’s IT group to establish a networking strategy that accommodates the requirements of multiple physical and virtual networks while maintaining the client’s stringent IT security policies.  Furthermore, the team has developed a wireless access point installation standard for the client that meets their underground communication needs and enhances the ability to standardize all underground operations.  This in-house developed standard has been established across all of the client’s operations that have chosen to install wireless Ethernet infrastructure underground.  The implicit knowledge of the mine communication networks also ensures the ability to seamlessly integrate all systems as they come on line.

Ventilation Control System

BESTECH is a global leader in ventilation control system research and development.  We have been providing ventilation control strategies for mines since 1999 and have led an international consortium charged with the development of new technology to facilitate underground demand-based ventilation.  As part of this consortium, BESTECH technology was installed at a local mine where the resulting savings are far exceeding expectations.  As a result BESTECH is currently working with this client in establishing a plan to standardize on the BESTECH Ventilation Control System (VCS) technology while securing significant funding for the initiative.

We are confident that BESTECH has the proper skills and unique expertise related to control systems, communications and ventilation to ensure that our clients’ mines have the proper design and attributes needed to put them at the forefront of mine design.

Given our extensive experience in the surface and underground mining industry, BESTECH has the capabilities to provide a wide range of services on both Brownfields and Greenfields projects.  Our expertise in the underground mining environment, specifically in underground mining system infrastructure, as well as our knowledge in surface plants (mills, smelters, etc…) allow us to assist clients with a wide range of projects.



The BESTECH Engineering team has the experience and resources required to handle the complexity and size of any project. Our high quality results meet our clients’ needs and expectations.



The team of Automation Specialists at BESTECH is ready to work with you. Our ability to work with a wide variety of technologies, platforms and systems enables us to develop effective and efficient industrial automation solutions.

Energy Management

Energy Management

With a Certified Energy Manager on staff, BESTECH has the expertise to develop Energy Management Plans and provide energy management support services to help lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for your mining operation.



Let BESTECH provide you with a turnkey solution to your project needs. Our team of dedicated professionals will implement and oversee every aspect of the project, ensuring ease of communication between you and our team.

Information Technology/Information Systems


The Information Technology / Information Services team at BESTECH works with your existing systems and processes, designing infrastructure and developing software to improve the performance level of your important business operations.

Panel Manufacturing

Panel Manufacturing

BESTECH owns and operates an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facility, where we manufacture and design our own products and electrical panels.


Air Quality Monitoring

Our air quality monitoring services are positioned to help you protect our environment, adhere to government regulations and manage your system more efficiently.



BESTECH offers support services for our AQM (air quality monitoring) and NRG1-ECO® (ventilation control system) product installations.