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Civil/Structural Engineering

BESTECH realized that by offering multi-disciplinary engineering services to our clients, the firm would achieve growth and further address the needs of the industry. Since the birth of our civil/structural division, BESTECH has had the opportunity to complete many multi-disciplinary projects for a variety of clients.  Many clients have complimented our team on their practical approach to structural design. Our reputation for civil/structural services is corroborated in our letters of reference in Appendix 4-8J.  Our civil/structural team is comprised of engineers, EITs and designers with extensive experience in the mining environment and who look for the best solution for each project.


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  • Structural Design
    • Pre-engineered buildings
    • High pressure ventilation walls
    • Building condition assessments
    • Roof structures
    • Sub-station infrastructure
    • Pole line structures
    • Detailed fabrication design
    • Shop drawing reviews and approvals
    • Lifting device design and capacity assessments
    • Lifting plans
    • Hoisting infrastructure
    • Scaffolding
    • Finite analysis
  • Concrete Design
    • Foundation design
    • Equipment slabs
    • Dams and retaining walls
    • Ventilation walls and doors
    • Pole casing
    • Berms and containment
    • Truck loading stations
  • Steel Design
    • Pile foundations
    • Steel detailing
    • Building structural steel
    • Equipment supports
    • Substation structural steel
    • Platforms and supports
    • Stairs, ladders and rails

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