BESTECH completed the multi-disciplinary detailed engineering for constructing a new 115kV to 25kV Substation along with a new 115kV line.

The interest in doing this was to supply power to the increased loads and allow the supply to go longer distances. The project’s overall goal was to meet the needs of the production ramp-up of Glencore.

In addition, BESTECH designed and implemented a new protection and control scheme for the new substation.

The work included the design of the following:
• Coordination with Hydro One for new customer-owned substation
• Developed equipment and construction specifications
• Evaluated various oil containment options and provided recommendations to the client
• Provided technical support during tendering process
• Complete load flow, short circuit, arc flash, and coordination studies for the substation and all subsequent downstream connections.
• Participated in planning efforts to transition downstream facilities from the existing 4.16kV system to 25kV.
• Provided on-site construction support.
• Assumed role as commissioning lead to ensure safe energization of the substation.
• Developed communication protocols to communicate telemetry points back to Hydro One and the IESO.

Additionally, BESTECH completed all of the programming and commissioning relating to the power systems, including GE UR protection relays, PLC and SEL RTAC.