The modernization project of the 2200 Level pump room was initiated to address the end-of-life status of the existing three 600 HP dewatering pumps.

detailed assessment led to the decision that replacing these with two advanced 800 HP dewatering pumps would efficiently meet the mine’s dewatering requirements. The project encompassed a comprehensive multi-disciplinary engineering approach, resulting in the creation of a new pump room General Arrangement. This redesign involved detailed piping plans and specifications, ensuring optimized layout and functionality.

A significant aspect of the project was the structural design, which included the installation of monorails to facilitate the servicing of the new pumps. The electrical installation underwent a complete modernization with the introduction of new Benshaw starters, a Modicon M580 PLC, a new Human-Machine Interface (HMI), and state-of-the-art instruments. This upgrade not only enhanced the operational efficiency but also ensured adherence to the latest safety standards.

The client gained considerable benefits from this project. The implementation of a standardized PLC design aligned with site-wide standards for design, hardware, and equipment identification, streamlining processes and maintenance. The mechanical installation was particularly noteworthy, as it allowed for the isolation and servicing of each pump individually. This feature was critical in eliminating the need to drain the entire system for maintenance, thereby reducing downtime and mitigating risks associated with high system head pressure.

Furthermore, the power distribution to the pumps was strategically divided between two switchrooms. This design consideration significantly reduced the risk of a complete shutdown of the dewatering system in case of a power failure in one switchroom, thereby enhancing the reliability and safety of the mine’s dewatering operations. Overall, the project successfully delivered a modernized, efficient, and safer pump room, tailored to meet the specific needs and standards of the client.