Company:Nevada Copper

The hoisting group developed an annual hoisting plant inspection program specifically designed to review and verify regulatory compliance, measure and record equipment performance, and review maintenance practices.

This program is integrated into the annual preventive maintenance programs at mine sites, including Nevada Coppers Meikle Mine, ensuring ongoing adherence to safety and operational standards.

The inspection program includes thorough mechanical and electrical inspections combined with routine maintenance to minimize the impact on operational schedules and downtime. These inspections are exemplary of “preventive” maintenance, designed to address potential issues before they lead to equipment failure. The program aligns with non-destructive testing requirements specified by regulatory agencies and incorporates industry best practices to ensure comprehensive coverage.

The tailored inspections meet each site’s specific requirements, considering the particular equipment, local mining regulations, and the site’s operational and maintenance practices. By participating in these annual inspections, clients gain detailed records of their equipment and operational performance. This documentation provides a solid foundation for scheduling necessary repairs and budgeting for larger capital projects, ultimately ensuring reliable and safe operations at the mine sites.