BESTECH enabled multiple clients to achieve compliance with relevant safety codes, thereby enhancing the overall safety and reliability of their electric vehicle fleets.

BESTECH was enlisted to conduct thorough arc flash assessments for new electric vehicles, including battery-operated vehicles, prior to their deployment at various client sites. This initiative was critical to ensuring the vehicles met stringent safety standards before being delivered.

Our role involved performing detailed arc flash assessments across different systems—DC battery, motor-generator set AC, and grid-connected AC systems—covering a variety of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products and vehicle types, such as shovels, load haul dumps, and haul trucks. BESTECH's services extended beyond assessments, providing expert recommendations on machine design and maintenance practices to ensure compliance with key safety standards: M421, Z462, and Z463.

As a result of BESTECH’s comprehensive arc flash assessments and subsequent recommendations, the client was equipped with the necessary safety information to proceed confidently with the maintenance and operation of the new electric vehicles. This proactive approach to safety compliance helped the client mitigate potential risks associated with arc flash hazards, ensuring a safer working environment.