BESTECH completed a BEV analysis study for the Production and Service Fleets at the San Rafael mine in southwestern Peru.

As part of the study, BESTECH examined the viability of using BEVs instead of diesel equipment at both the San Rafael mine and the nearby Nazareth Project.

The main objective of this conceptual identification study was to identify BEV-related investment opportunities that could be used to create value for MINSUR, specifically:

  • To determine if there was a BEV investment opportunity sufficiently attractive enough to justify continuing with further BEV studies,
  • To determine the technical and economic feasibility of different business case opportunities for a full or partial BEV fleet conversion with given assumptions and parameters,
  • To determine the impact of BEVs on sustainable mining and worker health benefits as a result of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), the reduction of the workers exposure to diesel particulate matter (DPM), and all other health benefits that could be gained with the BEV introduction.