The basement structure of Bell’s multi-story office building in Sudbury, Ontario, was experiencing significant deterioration of its concrete elements.

With the basement floor slab comprised of a mat foundation and deep piles overlying weak soils, it was imperative that the basement slab be rehabilitated to ensure the structural integrity of the building’s foundation system.

BESTECH conducted assessments to determine the condition of the basement structure and the extent and type of remedial work required. The condition assessment included a visual review of the basement slab, concrete piers, and masonry walls. It also included identifying concrete core sampling locations and testing through a coring program to determine the chemical characteristics of the concrete substrate. The key personnel also identified strategic locations for localized removals of the basement floor slab to review a representative sample to determine the condition of slab reinforcing steel.

Following the visual review, concrete coring program, and localized slab removals, the key personnel prepared a summary report with all findings, discussion, and recommendations for the required repair work, detailed design drawings, and construction cost estimate. The key personnel were also responsible for the contract administration services, including conducting regular site visits throughout the construction process, answering Requests for Information (RFIs), validating contractor progress draws, and preparing payment certificates.