Vale was seeking assistance with the existing hoist drum at Creighton Mine which was found to have cracks.

It was determined that the only option would be the replacement of the hoist, along with the replacement of the hoist brake and control systems.

The FEL 3 study reviewed the costs of a replacement hoist and provided preliminary wrap-around engineering associated with the mechanical and control systems. Associated systems to be replaced under this project include the building heater, hoist chiller, upgrades to the motor ventilation system, replacement of the hoist controls system, and rope opening air curtain replacement. This study also provided preliminary engineering for hoist shrouds, maintenance platforms, and concrete base modifications.

During this FEL 3 study, we reviewed the existing hoist house structure and bridge crane to ensure that the hoist components could be lifted during construction. We also reviewed the monorail beams within the head frame to ensure they could be used to replace sheaves.