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BESTECH and Families Donate $200,000 to the NEO Kids Health Centre

April 12, 2018 · South Side Story

Thanks to a combined $200,000 donation from BESTECH and Marc Boudreau and Sam Espley, we are one step closer to keeping our children closer to home. BESTECH announced a generous $100,000 donation to the NEO Kids Heath Centre. In the spirit of donating, Marc Boudreau, President and Co-CEO of BESTECH and his wife, Sam Espley announced that their family will be matching BESTECH’s donation of $100,000 to bring the total to $200,000.

This heartfelt donation will go towards the future NEO Kids Health Centre at Health Sciences North (HSN); a centre that will accommodate new clinics, services and more pediatricians to care for children in northeastern Ontario. Every year, approximately 3,900 children from across the Northeast make 10,000 trips to Toronto, Ottawa and London just to receive the specialized care they need. That is an increase of 30% in the past five years. This donation will ensure as many children as possible stay in northeastern Ontario to get the care they need, in a child- and youth-centred environment that promotes health and well-being.

“BESTECH has always been a strong community and influential business leader,” said Patricia Mills, President, NEO Kids Foundation. “Their innovations have made them extremely successful and their generosity has made us extremely grateful. It was a double pleasure to have Marc Boudreau and Sam Espley match the BESTECH donation to reaffirm the incredible importance of our mission to have our children cared for closer to home,” said Mills. “Their personal and professional philanthropy is inspiring and tremendously appreciated. We are truly overwhelmed with the combined leadership gift we received today. Unbelievable generosity from a local company and a local family.”

NEO Kids is continuing to rapidly grow. The demand for pediatric care in northeastern Ontario is also growing. NEO Kids has outgrown its temporary location and HSN is planning a new, permanent centre to house NEO Kids growing demands. Last year, there were 35,000 patient visits to NEO Kids. Demand for services is expected to grow by up to 40 per cent over the next ten years.

“The importance of community stewardship is rooted in BESTECH’s Culture. This donation is on not only on behalf of myself and Marc, but also the 100 employees that make up the BESTECH family,” says Denis Pitre, Vice-President and co-CEO of BESTECH. “We are proud to contribute to such an important cause that does so much good for the children of Sudbury and Northeastern Ontario. Personally speaking, having lost my nephew to cancer at a young age, my family knows how important it is to ensure that Sudbury kids get the care they need close to home.”

“My family and I are pleased to match BESTECH’s donation today,” says Marc Boudreau, President and co-CEO of BESTECH. “A project like NEO Kids needs both business and community leadership to succeed. 10% of the project capital funds must be raised locally in Northern Ontario before other levels of government kick in the balance. Together we can make this happen, let’s do this!”


BESTECH is a trusted team of professionals specializing in the areas of engineering, automation, software development and environmental monitoring to assist companies in the international mining industry enhance their productivity, profitability and safety. BESTECH’s mission is to help secure a future for their employees and their families, clients, communities and partners. Their quality and innovative products and services will enable their clients to improve safety, productivity and profitability. Visit Bestech’s website for more information.

About NEO Kids Foundation

NEO Kids Foundation raises important funds to support the health of our children in northeastern Ontario. NEO Kids Foundation is dedicated to building awareness for children’s care needs and raising funds for services, equipment, and research to help our youngest and most vulnerable patients. Children need their own voice in health care, champions to herald their health care rights, and resources to help treat their unique medical needs. Find out more about NEO Kids Foundation by visiting their website.

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Calabrian Corp. announces SO2 plant for Timmins

February 23, 2016 · Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal

BESTECH selected as lead engineering firm

A new liquid sulfur dioxide plant to be built in Timmins by Texas-based Calabrian Corporation will provide gold mines in Northern Ontario and Québec with a local source of SO2 for neutralizing cyanide.

“Over the last couple of years as some of the smelters in the area have shut down or reduced their output of liquid SO2, the SO2 market for gold-mining has become very tight in Northern Ontario and Québec,” said Calabrian engineering and technology manager Lee Smith. “We began filling that need from our U.S.-based facility, but we see it as an economic advantage for everyone if we can produce sulfur dioxide in Ontario instead of in the United States.”

Cyanide is commonly used by gold miners to leach gold from ore, but following the process, the cyanide needs to be rendered harmless prior to being discharged into tailings facilities. Sulfur dioxide does this by converting cyanide to a cyanate.

Having a local source of sulfur dioxide is an advantage to local mining companies because it reduces their supply chain risk, said Lee.

“Whenever you’re sourcing one of your key raw materials from a couple of thousand miles away, there’s always some risk in the logistics.

The Timmins plant will also serve Eastern Canada’s pulp and paper industry, as well as wastewater treatment facilities, “but gold-mining will be our major market and was the reason for our move to Northern Ontario,” said Lee.

BESTECH, a Sudbury and Timmins-based firm specializing in engineering, automation, energy management and environmental monitoring, was selected by Calabrian Corporation to provide engineering services for the production facility.

“Once we decided we wanted to be in Northern Ontario, it was important for us to find an engineering firm that could help us understand the climate and the engineering issues related to being in Canada,” said Lee.

“We searched out several engineering firms in the area and felt that BESTECH with its size and capabilities was the right fit for us and that they would match up well with the speed at which we want to move.”

BESTECH will be the lead engineering firm on the project, completing the land development, structural, mechanical, instrumentation, and the process control requirements. In conjunction with their partner Praetorian, BESTECH will also manage the construction procurement, contracts, schedules and cost controls.

BESTECH project manager Andrea Wuksinic estimates the project will keep between 30 and 35 designers, engineers subject matter experts, programmers and other employees busy until the end of 2016 or early 2017, when the plant is scheduled to be up and running.

Timmins was selected for a number of reasons, said Lee.

“We needed to be central to the gold mines using sulfur dioxide for their treatment and we needed rail access. Timmins met both requirements. We also wanted to be able to move fast because we felt there was an opening in the market, and through our discussions with Timmins Mayor Steve Black and the Timmins Economic Development Corporation we were confident we would be able to move the project at the speed we needed to move it.”

Calabrian Corporation uses the trademarked and environmentally friendly SO2CLEAN™ process to manufacture sulfur dioxide. A mature, virtually emission-free technology, SO2CLEAN™ has been used for well over 20 years in Port Neches, Texas, 95 miles east of Houston.