Bestech Mining Engineering grows with addition of Samantha Espley

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Samantha Espley has joined Sudbury firm Bestech as the vice-president of mining transformation.

Sudbury, ON – Nov. 11, 2020: BESTECH is delighted to formally announce that Samantha Espley has joined the BESTECH team as VP of Mining Transformation. Ms. Espley comes to BESTECH with extensive leadership experience in mining. Over the course of her career, she has developed a profile as a proud visionary and staunch advocate for the mining industry and the promotion of diversity in mining careers, which she carries into her ongoing role as President of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).

“I am honoured to join a team of highly talented, innovative personnel and help further develop unique approaches to solving challenges and providing value, not just to our clients, but to the mining industry in general,” states Ms. Espley.

Among her responsibilities with BESTECH will be leading an ambitious new initiative called The Whole Mine™, which not only encompasses a holistic view of the mining process from start to finish, but also extends out from underground.  

“The Whole Mine™ is an aspirational concept and will involve the engagement of a wide range of stakeholders to benefit all, from mines to communities. It is about developing more inspiring visions of the future, and ensuring the solutions we seek align with responsible, safe, and sustainable operations,” explains Espley

In her role as President of the CIM, Ms. Espley has helped to oversee the reinforcing of CIM as a curator of world-class technical knowledge, a venue to grow and coordinate the eco-system, and as a voice to society about the essential role that mining provides. In this regard, she expresses her enthusiasm at how The Whole Mine™ concept dovetails with the CIM’s approach.  

“The Whole Mine™ concept is a culmination of experience and training, and the vision and potential for our industry,” she enthuses. “From mines to communities, there is a wider set of goals and higher-level thinking needed, and I am excited to have the support of BESTECH in sharing this vision with our colleagues in the mining industry, and society at large.”

BESTECH is pleased to join its industry leading expertise in engineering, digital transformation, automation, and innovation with Ms. Espley’s passion and experience in the mining industry to leveraging The Whole Mine™ concept and their combined knowledge in arriving at transformative solutions.

“There has never been a better time to take step back, survey the big picture, apply new, unique approaches, and truly look at The Whole Mine™ as a completely interconnected system with dependencies from start to finish,” she concludes.

Article by Sudbury Mining Solutions Journal


FROSKR to help miners find the right profit and social responsibility balance

BESTECH Engineering has spun off another one of its divisions, with FROSKR, focused on helping companies understand and mitigate environmental impacts before they occur, the latest name to join the Canada-based mining equipment technology and services space.

FROSKR, an INOVINTA Company, comes from the ancient Norse word for frog. The company explains: “FROSKR is a new take on what it means to be confident and compliant when dealing with complex environmental issues. A sensitive indicator species, frogs breathe partially, and drink fully, through their skin. When the environment suffers, so do frogs. A healthy frog population means sustained environmental health and stability. A project with FROSKR means just the same.”

Kati McCartney, President of FROSKR, says the company’s innovative technology and consulting services help clients cut through the complexity of compliance, protect employees and the environment, build confidence in communities, and optimise productivity and profit.

“That means you don’t have to choose between productivity, profit or social responsibility,” she said. “You just have to choose FROSKR.”

The company comes out of BESTECH, which has been providing real-time data with its AQM™ technology since 2003. AQM is an ambient air monitoring system that offers a variety of options for acquiring and distributing data to various environmental and operational stakeholders. The system delivers data rapidly from various field locations providing instant feedback to current and ongoing production systems required to control emissions stemming from operations, according to the company.

In addition to having the support of BESTECH, another INOVINTA Company, the company can also leverage research and development from SHYFTinc, an automation and software-focused entity, and FORTAI, focused on inventory management.

Article by: Daniel Gleeson – www.im-mining.com