BESTECH was commissioned to conduct a FEL 3 level study, resulting in a comprehensive report that detailed dust mitigation strategies for the Concentrate Receiving Facilities (CRF) primary operational areas.

Emphasizing a phased implementation plan, the project's scope included the development of a dust capture system for the truck unloading section and the integration of a water spray system at the railcar unloading zone to prevent dust from spreading into the work areas.

The design for the truck unloading sector involved the construction of an enclosed steel structure, equipped with cladding, an air curtain at its entrance, and a longitudinal dust capture system to effectively contain and reduce dust levels within the area. Furthermore, BESTECH engineered a water spray system for the railcar unloading area, featuring automated controls to suppress dust migration and ensure a cleaner work environment.

Through these measures, BESTECH successfully devised a dust capture system that mitigated dust generation within the CRF’s unloading areas. This initiative enabled Vale to adhere to the MOL’s order, demonstrating BESTECH’s ability to design and implement effective environmental control solutions that enhance workplace safety and regulatory compliance.