The client was facing challenges in achieving the expected development rates at their mining operation.

They required a detailed analysis to identify and quantify any delays occurring within their development processes over a specified period.

To address this need, BESTECH utilized the WorkStudy+ 7 iOS app to conduct a thorough time study at Glencore Craig Mine. This study focused on recording and analyzing activities during the development cycle, with a special emphasis on the bolting cycle. The goal was to optimize the development cycle processes by closely observing and documenting the steps involved.

The time study conducted by BESTECH covered 10 underground shifts, during which various development activities such as mucking, bolting, face preparation, jumbo drilling, and explosive loading were meticulously tracked and analyzed. This comprehensive data collection allowed for a detailed examination of the workflow and the identification of bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

The insights gained from the time study provided the client with a deeper understanding of their operation, highlighting specific areas where operational efficiencies could be improved. By addressing the identified bottlenecks and implementing the recommended improvements, the mine was able to enhance productivity, reduce cycle times, and ultimately improve overall operational efficiency. This project not only helped optimize current processes but also laid the groundwork for continuous improvement in the future.