The client required a new ventilation raise at their Creighton Mine to facilitate the provision of additional cooled air underground.

The unique location of the needed raise, in conjunction with the existing mine workings, made it impractical to employ a traditional vertical raisebore. Consequently, an alternative Alimak raise design was deemed necessary to meet these specific conditions.

BESTECH proposed to design an Alimak raise tailored to the unique geological and spatial constraints of the Creighton mine. This design included detailed ventilation controls. Additionally, a comprehensive Scope of Work (SOW) was to be developed, detailing all necessary specifications and requirements to facilitate the bidding process for the construction of the raise.

The Alimak raise design provided by BESTECH enabled the client to move forward with the procurement phase, allowing them to solicit bids for the construction project. The detailed Scope of Work ensured that all potential contractors would have a clear understanding of the project requirements, which in turn would help Vale control project schedules and costs effectively. This approach not only prepared the mine for enhanced ventilation capabilities but also ensured that the implementation could be achieved within the desired budget and timeline constraints.