Company:Electra Battery Materials

These comprehensive design and engineering solutions enabled the seamless integration of the crystallization system within the existing refinery setup, ensuring functionality and compliance with the client’s specifications.

The client, Electra Battery Materials, required a hydrometallurgical cobalt refinery capable of extracting and purifying battery-grade cobalt from cobalt-containing concentrates. Integral to this process was the installation of a crystallization system, which the current refinery footprint could not accommodate.

To address this challenge, BESTECH provided a detailed design of a new multi-level facility, alongside necessary retrofits to the existing refinery structure, to integrate the crystallization system effectively. This involved a thorough analysis of the existing building to evaluate its structural integrity under the new loads introduced by the process equipment. Remedial designs were implemented to reinforce structural elements deemed inadequate.

Further, BESTECH engineered a multi-level building structure designed to support the process equipment and ensure optimal maintenance access. Due to specific soil conditions and design parameters at the site, a deep foundation system utilizing micropiles and concrete pile caps was employed to provide stability and support.

The project scope included various key tasks:

  • Structural analysis and retrofitting of the existing steel building and concrete foundations.
  • Design of the superstructure and foundation systems for the new facility.
  • Creation of specialized equipment foundations.
  • Development of access platforms to enhance operational efficiency and safety.