Glencore sought BESTECH to assess the feasibility of utilizing their existing hoists or mechanical components like sheaves under varied operational parameters or increased duties.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is often employed to assist in these evaluations, providing detailed insights into the structural integrity of these components.

FEA is a sophisticated computational tool that predicts the behaviour of components under applied loads and boundary conditions. The analysis revealed that by modifying existing drum reinforcements, the high-stress concentrations causing repeated cracking could be significantly alleviated. This straightforward modification was implemented, offering a timeā€”and cost-efficient solution compared to more complex alternatives.

The use of FEA proved to be a cost-effective and reliable analysis tool that significantly aided in the engineering design solution process. It provided visual representations of stress and strain, which were crucial for understanding the impacts of proposed changes under predetermined conditions. This capability greatly enhanced the communication and validation of design ideas, ensuring that the modifications met the desired reliability and performance criteria without requiring extensive physical trials or replacements.