The client has developed a mine and requires precise insight into the quantity of equipment needed to achieve their production targets.

This information is crucial to avoid inefficiencies from over-ordering or potential delays from under-ordering, ensuring that operations are both efficient and cost-effective.

BESTECH proposed to conduct a comprehensive haulage simulation to evaluate the required quantities of equipment and assess the necessity of additional infrastructure such as passing bays and a second access point (portal). This simulation would use Haulsim software to model the haulage system based on existing mine data and evaluate various haulage scenarios.

BESTECH successfully completed the haulage simulation for Rainy River Mine, providing a detailed analysis of daily production haulage needs, equipment selection optimization, and the strategic placement of passing bays. The simulation also assessed the feasibility of constructing a second underground portal access from the pit. The insights garnered from the simulation enabled the client to make informed decisions regarding equipment purchases and mine design, enhancing overall operational efficiency and productivity. The project outcomes have equipped the client with the necessary data to proceed confidently with their equipment procurement and detailed planning for the underground mine.