Company:Americas Gold and Silver

The client faced a critical requirement to replace their hoist system to resume production operations.

This comprehensive project involved multiple stages: sourcing an appropriate hoist along with its associated mechanical and electrical systems, refurbishing the existing equipment, designing and sourcing new equipment as necessary, and overseeing the installation and commissioning process.

The W.G. Spencer Engineering team (now Spencer Engineering, a division of BESTECH) played a pivotal role in this extensive project. They successfully sourced a complete hoisting system, which included the hoist, brakes, controls, drive, motors, electrical components, and the hoist house structure. Each of these elements was crucial for the efficient and safe operation of the hoist. The task of refurbishing the sourced equipment was complex and required meticulous attention to detail to ensure that every component met the operational standards and safety requirements.

A significant challenge in this project was coordinating with multiple vendors across North America. Spencer Engineering managed the logistics of sourcing the equipment, ensuring its proper refurbishment, and organizing the cross-country shipping to the site. This coordination was critical in maintaining the project timeline
and ensuring that all components met the necessary specifications and quality standards.

The successful installation and commissioning of the refurbished hoisting system marked a significant milestone in the project. The hoisting plant is currently operational, with shaft sinking in progress as the site works towards resuming full production. This project not only demonstrates Spencer Engineering’s capability in managing complex industrial projects but also highlights the importance of efficient coordination among various stakeholders, including vendors and onsite teams. The result is a fully operational hoisting system that plays a crucial role in the site’s journey back to production, showcasing the effective integration of refurbished and new components to meet contemporary operational needs.