Rink Street bridge, a Vale-owned railway bridge that was constructed circa 1930 which crosses over a municipal road in Copper Cliff, Ontario, is used for material transportation between various Vale sites.

With the reopening of nearby mines it was anticipated that the bridge would be required to facilitate more traffic. As such, in order to allow the bridge to be used for full load and full speed haulage, remediation was required to reinstate the structural integrity of the asset.

Key BESTECH personnel listed on this proposal were responsible for conducting assessments to determine the condition of the bridge and the extents and type of remedial work required. The condition assessment included a visual review of the steel bridge, concrete abutments, and wing walls, and also included identification of concrete core sampling locations and testing through a coring program for determination of chemical characteristics of the concrete substrate. Following the visual review and concrete coring program, the key personnel were responsible for providing recommendations for the required repair work and preparing a feasibility study that included preliminary repairs drawings, scope of work, capital cost
estimate, capital cost expenditure forecast, and process hazards review.

Following the feasibility study, the contract was awarded as a design-build to a local contractor. The key personnel were part of the design team on this design-build project, providing valuable insight to the construction contractor on the project and site specifics.