Company:Electra Battery Materials

BESTECH laid the groundwork for this project's potential resumption, equipping the client with all necessary electrical and instrumentation specifications and integration plans for a successful implementation.

BESTECH was tasked with the ambitious project of restarting an existing refinery and integrating the first solvent extraction plant in North and South America. Our role encompassed providing extensive E&I expertise, familiarizing ourselves with the novel extraction process, and supporting the client throughout the construction phase.

We were responsible for preparing all necessary specifications and drawings for the tender and construction of the project. This comprehensive scope included detailing area classification, designing battery back-up power systems, and planning for fire pumps and their generators. Additionally, we developed 3D models for cable trays and integrated various vendor packages such as reagents systems, heat exchangers, raffinate and crud filters. The project also demanded specifications for heat tracing and a wide range of instrumentation (flow, pressure, analytics, level, etc.).

While BESTECH successfully prepared the required technical documentation and designs to support the refinery restart and the addition of the solvent extraction plant, the project has been temporarily shelved due to funding constraints. The client is currently in the process of updating financial models with current construction costs, exploring available funding sources, and securing commitments from potential clients to ensure the project’s viability.