BESTECH is ready to lead your next capital project. We bring together our agile team of multidisciplinary engineers, designers, project managers, procurement officers, contractors, and vendors to successfully execute projects.

Clients choose BESTECH for our practical approach to capital project management — and our innovative solutions that minimize costs.


As a multidisciplinary service provider, we provide engineering solutions in a wide range of engineering disciplines including mining, structural, mechanical, electrical, power, and automation. Our team plans and implements projects efficiently, from initial feasibility studies to design and commissioning. We ensure client project requirements and industry standards are met or exceeded while working safely and efficiently.


Materials, equipment, and vendors are at the core of major projects which means procurement must be managed diligently. Our team will schedule and plan deliveries to ensure that the necessary materials, equipment, and people are on-site on-time to successfully complete the project.


Our construction management team is involved in our projects from the
very beginning to ensure projects are planned accordingly. This helps mitigate risks further along in the project like unexpected costs and project timelines.


From the very beginning of a project to the completion, our project management team partners with our clients to ensure the project is moving along as planned. Our quality management process, supplier relationships, and experience means projects are completed on time and on budget.


BESTECH was selected by Calabrian Corporation to provide engineering services for the SO2Clean™ production facility in Timmins, Ontario. This facility was created to supply mining, paper, and water treatment operations in the region. BESTECH team members simulated the entire plant, allowing for commissioning and testing to take place concurrently. The client was also able to train employees in the simulated environment. Programming for the entire plant was also led by BESTECH team members and BESTECH manufactured all of the custom panels required.

Partner with us.

We believe that a project is a relationship. We act as a part of your team by not only delivering projects on time, on spec, and on budget, but by offering you expert advice and choice along the way to ensure the best final result.