Mining Engineering

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Working on-site with many of the largest mining clients in the world, BESTECH has demonstrated success across numerous engineering disciplines. Our team offers our clients mining engineering services, spanning from initial mine concept, mine planning and design, detailed engineering, project execution to closure.

Our principal mining engineer has decades of experience in hard and soft rock mines across North America. He has been praised for collaborating on the design and commissioning of a multi-metal ore sampling system that set a global benchmark.

Standard Qualifications

  • Strategic and Tactical Studies
  • Mine Design and Planning
  • Operational Support
  • Project Management / Support
  • Corporate Support
  • Ventilation Engineering 
  • Geotechnical Engineering

Through our mining engineering department, BESTECH can conduct mining studies to lead clients through proper planning and scheduling of a project. Our highly-experienced team will design a client’s mine to fully determine the constraints and capabilities of the site. We can assist clients with cut-off grades, mining methods, ground control, backfill, equipment and production schedules, and sequencing to list a few of our capabilities.

We provide innovative and practical designs for the mine infrastructure. Our mining infrastructure expertise includes, among others, hoists, process water, compressed air dewatering, material handling, power distribution, communications, process control, and ventilation systems.

Through our mining engineering projects, we pride ourselves on developing constructive relationships that breed innovation, continuous improvement, and optimization. We believe in working together to successfully complete a project. We continuously work with clients to ensure they understand our thought processes. Our project management team collaborates with clients throughout the project and has a keen focus on the project outcome.

BESTECH has a track record and passion for working with clients who need practical and innovative solutions to help mines achieve their desired results. That’s why global mining and industrial clients have chosen to work with us for more than 20 years.

Partner with us.

We believe that a project is a relationship. We act as a part of your team by not only delivering projects on time, on spec, and on budget, but by offering you expert advice and choice along the way to ensure the best final result.