Project:Process Control & Automation


BESTECH completed both the preliminary and detailed engineering for this project. The project included upgrading and adding the new Ingersoll-Rand controllers on the existing compressors located in the No.2 powerhouse and in the blower room at the smelter.

This project also involved installation of two new SG controllers on compressor No.3 and No.5 which improved the compressed air supply at the smelter. It had provisions for monitoring and controlling the compressor on/off sequence and controls using a new programmable logic controller (PLC). Information was carried over to the smelter over the control local area network (LAN). The new PLC had a local human-machine interface (HMI) screen which will allowed the operators to identify and acknowledge specific alarms. The existing controllers on compressors No.7, No.8 and No.9 were integrated to the new PLC. Wiring from starters and compressor controllers to the #6 Converter PLC was eliminated. They were brought back to the new Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC over the new Modbus network.