Project:Process Control & Automation


BESTECH completed the preliminary and detailed engineering required to upgrade the existing hydrogen sulphide (H2 S) scrubber to a new caustic scrubber. The new slag granulation off-gas system consisted of a counter current packed bed scrubber, exhaust fan, recycle pump, sodium and hydrogen peroxide tanks designed for 99% removal of H2 S. The new system allowed off-gases to be directed through a new caustic scrubber and then vented up the existing H2 S Stack.

The design also included an emergency scrubber bypass to allow the off gases, in an emergency, to go directly to the stack via the exhaust fan. Diverting the gas back to the furnace was removed as an option and some of the existing equipment and infrastructure was reused in the new system. This project also included laying out the system, developing the capital cost and ultimately to perform the electrical and instrumentation design of a new scrubber. New flow meters and mass flow meters were utilized to properly control the new process. Automation service included programming, commissioning, operator training, and development of system functional specification. BESTECH also assisted the client with performance improvement of the system as it was put into service