BESTECH completed a multi-disciplinary technical report and Preliminary Economic Assessment for the Rockliff tower and rail deposits and Bucko Mill project.

BESTECH's design leveraged Industry 4.0 technologies and the use of our proprietary Step Change Process that drove a novel mechanized shrinkage mining method with a selection of complementary technologies and processes.

A responsible ESG approach was taken, with Indigenous engagement, environmental stewardship, and a safety focus in designing low-risk operations and solutions that promote the health and well-being of the employee base.

The scope of work included all aspects required for mining and milling operations to produce copper and zinc concentrate.

BESTECH led and executed the project using our innovative, agile project management process to deliver and meet client
requirements, including:

  • Mechanical, structural, electrical and IT infrastructure design of power, communications, ventilation, dewatering, backfill, ore/ waste handling
  • Design concept for a remote Operation Control Centre
  • Design of utilities and infrastructure, including on-site roads
  • Condition assessment and design of mill
  • Environmental work, including tailings management facility
  • Design of the mines, including geology, geotechnical and mine design with cut-off grade and material transportation with RailVeyorâ„¢ technology
  • Run-of-mine material sorting and waste rock management
  • Geotechnical site characterization, portal design, development plan, draw point layout, ground support, crown/sill pillar design
  • Project capital/operating costs and financial analysis
  • Risk management and compliance with NI 43-101