BESTECH’s structured approach ensures that the expansion to a full-scale underground operation is executed efficiently, with our internal expertise playing a pivotal role in guiding the project towards successful completion.

BESTECH has been entrusted with providing extensive engineering support to NewGold as they undertake a significant expansion of their operations, transitioning from an existing open pit and small underground mine to a full-scale underground operation.

Leveraging our extensive mining experience, BESTECH is deeply involved in all design tasks necessary for this transition. This comprehensive support includes conducting trade-off studies to optimize the project’s path forward, preparing specifications and drawings for tender and construction, and assisting with onsite secondments and project procurement activities. The scope of BESTECH’s design work encompasses underground power distribution, primary fresh air fans, typical underground designs, mine dewatering, water management, and process water systems.

The project is currently active, with significant progress being made in various areas. Purchases for long-lead items are advancing, sub-projects are initiating and escalating in scale, and onsite secondment has begun, ensuring a seamless integration of BESTECH’s team with NewGold’s operations. Initial construction packages, including a raisebore access pad and an overhead powerline tie-in, have been developed and are in the construction phase.