Codelco saught out BESTECH services to complete an electric vehicle study for their underground mining operations.

We provided a full assessment of the impact on energy use and loads as associated with new fleets of electric mobile equipment, along with a detailed comparison of the industry’s traditional combustion engine equipment compared to the newly developed electric-powered vehicles (including BEVs).

Our study included in-depth reviews of the proposed diesel fleets, the energy requirements, and a detailed assessment of the capabilities and opportunities offered by of electric equivalent vehicles (particularly, battery electric vehicles).

There are several factors to be considered in the mine design and the capability of battery electric vehicles to support the operational plan, including the following:

  • Shift schedules and planned production
  • Activities required from each vehicle class
  • Ramp grades and lengths
  • Lateral tramming lengths
  • Number of vehicles
  • Number of chargers & charger types
  • Location for charging & charging windows
  • Equipment loading
  • Our completed analyses provide a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of electric-powered mobile equipment as compared to diesel vehicles for the specific application.

    We have subsequently completed multiple electric vehicle studies for a range of mining clients, including Vale, Glencore, Anglo American, and Minseo Mining, each with unique conditions and requirements.