The mine in question faced challenges due to its depth, which necessitated additional ventilation to enable the mining of the 860 and 865 ore bodies.

Proper ventilation is crucial to ensure safe and efficient mining operations at greater depths.

BESTECH proposed a comprehensive solution that involved detailed engineering across multiple work packages. This plan was designed to develop and implement crucial systems including ventilation, power distribution, communication, and other essential infrastructure. By leveraging technical expertise and adhering to industry standards, the approach aimed to enhance the efficiency and safety of the underground mining operations.

BESTECH is actively completing the engineering required for the installation of a surface exhaust air fan and associated raises. This development is critical for ensuring reliable and effective ventilation within the mine, which is essential for the health and safety of the mining operations. The primary goal of this project is to facilitate the future mining activities of the 860 and 865 ore bodies, ensuring that these operations can proceed smoothly and safely with the appropriate infrastructure in place.