At BESTECH, we are your engineering partner of choice.
To us, partnership means we engage in relationships with our clients, our community, and our team.

A Project is a Relationship

Gilles Valade

P. Eng.

Principal Engineer, Automation

Ultra-efficient Automated Material Movement:

Implementing the Rail-Veyor® light rail ore and waste conveyance system at multiple sites requires complex programming to account for multiple tracks, layouts, and collision avoidance. BESTECH’s team used a mix of functional and block programming, structured text, and a sequential function chart to ensure safe and efficient system operation.

Gilles Valade

P. Eng.

Principal Engineer, Automation

Simulating an automated plant for testing and training:

BESTECH was selected to design and build a new chemical production facility in Timmins, Ontario. The client required a fully automated plant to be operational within one year. To meet this timeline, BESTECH programmed and simulated the entire plant, enabling testing, training, and commissioning achieved concurrently.

Steve Langille

P. Eng.

Manager, Structural Engineering Services

A new standard for messenger cable installation:

At two client sites, traditional underground messenger cable installation required support systems, which were prone to bending over time, leading to non-conformance or structural failure. With analysis by electrical and structural team members, a new design was implemented. New client site standards were adopted to eliminate this ongoing issue.

Alain Richard

P. Eng.

Manager, Electrical Engineering Services

Two client mines achieve separate emergency annunciation systems with one air intake:

Two mining clients share one air intake, which required discrete emergency annunciation systems for each mine. BESTECH’s automation, electrical and mechanical team members designed a compressor-driven solution with 300 m of discharge pipe that enabled both clients’ stench gas alarming to operate independently and safely.

Andrea Wuksinic


Senior Project Manager

Calabrian SO2Clean™ Facility:

BESTECH was selected by Calabrian Corporation to provide engineering services for the SO2Clean™ production facility in Timmins, Ontario. This facility was created to supply mining, paper, and water treatment operations in the region. BESTECH team members simulated the entire plant, allowing for commissioning and testing to take place concurrently. The client was also able to train employees in the simulated environment. Programming for the entire plant was also led by BESTECH team members and BESTECH manufactured all of the custom panels required.

Our Executive Team

Marc Boudreau


CEO, BESTECH Holdings Limited

Patrick Fantin

P. Eng.


Esa Melantie

MBA, B.Comm

Manager, Corporate Services/Controller

Tyler Samson

P. Eng., MBA

Manager, Mergers and Acquisitions

Our Management Team

Alain Richard

P. Eng.

Manager, Electrical Engineering Services

Dino Titon

P. Eng.

Manager, Power Systems Engineering

Steve Langille

P. Eng.

Manager, Structural Engineering Services

Serge Bourdua


Manager, Process Control and Automation

Mark Frayne

P.Eng., MBA, PMP

Manager, Mine Engineering Services

Dan Dumais

P. Eng. CEM®

Manager, Project Management Office (PMO) and Technical Expertise Centre (TEC)

Andrew Ilves

P.Eng., PMP

Manager, Mechanical Engineering Services


A project is a relationship

We believe that a project is a relationship. We act as a part of your team by not only delivering projects on time, on spec, and on budget, but by offering you expert advice and choice along the way to ensure the best final result.



Community is at our core

Partnering with our community is at the core of who we are at BESTECH. For more than 20 years, we have proudly engaged with and supported meaningful causes, projects, foundations, and initiatives.



A culture of partnership

We build a culture of partnership from the ground up. We believe that offering the best possible service comes from within. We focus on communication, team building, charitable giving, and having fun along the way.