Business Intelligence Program for Glencore Sudbury INO

BESTECH’s business intelligence team worked onsite with Glencore Sudbury INO to deliver scalable solutions across various organizational units. The project included criticality and risk analysis, systems reliability studies, and the development of key performance indicators, contributing to improvements across the organization's operations and maintenance.

Glencore Sudbury INO required a comprehensive business intelligence program to optimize various organizational processes, including maintenance, procurement, and systems integration.

BESTECH’s skilled team of business intelligence analysts collaborated closely with Glencore Sudbury INO on-site. Our team engaged effectively with all organizational units to integrate scalable solutions that catered to a diverse group of stakeholders, ensuring enterprise-wide enhancement.

Key Features:

  • In-depth criticality and risk analysis for informed decision-making.
  • Development of procurement strategies and maintenance frameworks.
  • Application of multivariate statistics and systems reliability studies.
  • Integration of various systems including SIMS and SAP.
  • Commissioning, troubleshooting, and root cause failure analysis.
  • Shutdown scoping, planning, scheduling, and coordination.
  • Creation and implementation of key performance indicators.
  • Comprehensive management and support across the solution lifecycle.
  • Action plans aimed at achieving business objectives efficiently.

Running from 2014 to 2017, the program significantly improved operations, maintenance, logistics, security, and risk management for Glencore Sudbury INO. Our solutions not only enhanced efficiency and sustainability but also brought about significant improvements in the company’s overall business intelligence capabilities.