BESTECH’s team of business intelligence analysts worked on site with the members of Glencore’s Sudbury INO (the company) to create and deliver scalable solutions. The BESTECH team worked effectively with all company organizational units for engagement and integration of the solutions.

Solutions were based on:

  • Criticality and risk analysis
  • Procurement strategies
  • Multivariate statistics
  • Systems reliability, availability, and utilization
  • Maintenance strategy and preventative maintenance framework development
  • VBA, Excel and databases
  • Concept valuation, feasibility and sustainability
  • Integration of systems including SIMS, SAP
  • Commissioning, troubleshooting, and root cause failure analysis
  • Shutdown scoping, planning, scheduling, and coordination
  • Development of key performance indicators to quantify improve_x0002_ments across the organization
  • Management and support of the development and integration of solutions throughout their lifecycle

Action plans to deliver business objectives on time, on budget and to specification A diverse group of stakeholders were involved for an enterprise-based solution:

  • Operations, maintenance
  • Logistics
  • Fixed plant
  • Security
  • Risk & safety
  • Sustainable development
  • Information technology
  • Engineering (mining, geology, other)
  • Accounting, administration
  • Business improvement
  • Management