Control System Upgrade for Pellet Decomposers

At the cutting edge of industrial automation, BESTECH’s project for the Nickel Refinery’s pellet decomposers stands as a beacon of our technical prowess and commitment to modernization. We took on the challenge of transforming outdated control systems into a paradigm of efficiency and sophistication. By integrating a new programmable logic controller, consolidating control panels, and upgrading critical components, we not only streamlined the process but also significantly boosted operational performance. This project underscores our dedication to delivering bespoke solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients' evolving automation needs, reinforcing their operational resilience and future-readiness.

The Nickel Refinery faced the need to update the control systems of their pellet decomposers, an essential part of their operation, to meet new automation requirements and enhance overall efficiency.

BESTECH undertook the comprehensive task of revamping the control systems. This involved removing the old control system and introducing a new programmable logic controller (PLC) for the pellet decomposer. The project also included consolidating existing control panels, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient control system.

Key Features:

  • Replacement of the old control system with a new, advanced PLC.
  • Consolidation of control panels, reducing two panels per decomposer to one.
  • Installation of 18 new control panels with remote I/O and HMI screens.
  • Upgrading 72 starters with intelligent overloads for enhanced performance.
  • Designing a network for all panels and starters.
  • Creating a detailed functional description to guide the operation and maintenance of the new system.

The project successfully modernized the control systems of the pellet decomposers at the Nickel Refinery. The new, streamlined control system not only met the latest automation needs but also improved operational efficiency and reliability, positioning the refinery for future advancements.