Clarabelle Mill PO Dump Valve Automation

BESTECH was responsible for automating the dump valve system at Clarabelle Mill’s pressure oxidation column. Our project included mechanical and structural component engineering and the integration of the valves into the existing system. This automation project enhanced the mill’s operational efficiency and process control.

Clarabelle Mill sought to enhance its pressure oxidation (PO) column operations by automating the dump valve system. This project aimed to improve efficiency and control within the PO circuit.

BESTECH took on the challenge, encompassing the addition of three new dump/drain valves, one for each PO cleaner column. Our task also involved updating a series of dump valve controls and integrating them into the existing FLEX I/O system and control panels. Additionally, we updated the core PO circuit functional as part of this comprehensive project.

Key Features:

  • Installation of three new automated dump/drain valves for PO cleaner columns.
  • Comprehensive update and integration of dump valve controls.
  • Integration into the FLEX I/O system for enhanced control and monitoring.
  • Significant updates to the core PO circuit functionality.
  • Provision of construction assistance to ensure smooth implementation.

This automation project at Clarabelle Mill significantly improved the operational efficiency and control of the PO circuit. The successful integration of new valves and control systems ensured a more streamlined and effective process, highlighting BESTECH’s expertise in complex industrial automation.