VCS Integration at Coleman Mine

For Coleman Mine, BESTECH successfully implemented NRG1-ECO®, an innovative ventilation control system that significantly improved the mine’s energy efficiency and safety. Our solution offered a flexible, open platform technology that seamlessly integrated with existing and new processes, providing advanced control and monitoring capabilities. This project not only enhanced Coleman Mine's operational efficiency but also set a new standard in mine-wide energy management, demonstrating BESTECH's expertise in delivering sophisticated and adaptable industrial solutions.

Coleman Mine sought an advanced solution for energy management and ventilation control to improve efficiency and safety. The challenge was to integrate a versatile ventilation control system (VCS) that could work with various industry-standard vendors and adapt to existing and new processes within the mine.

BESTECH led the installation of NRG1-ECO®, a comprehensive mine-wide energy management solution. The project included developing an open platform technology and implementing an industrial plug-and-play interface for seamless integration. We also engineered and installed software and hardware components to provide real-time control, scheduling, event-based management, asset tracking, and environmental monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Development of an open platform technology for compatibility with various vendors.
  • Integration of the NRG1-ECO® system for on-demand ventilation and energy management.
  • Advanced control features including real-time monitoring and event-based management.
  • Evaluation of variable speed auxiliary fans and comparison with existing fan systems.
  • Expansion of the NRG1-ECO® solution to new orebodies and large surface fans.

Vale has adopted NRG1-ECO® as the standard at Coleman Mine, expanding its installation to additional orebodies. BESTECH’s recent detailed engineering study further extended the solution to the entire mine, enhancing the efficiency and safety of the ventilation system. This project showcases BESTECH’s ability to deliver comprehensive and adaptable energy management solutions in complex mining environments.