Project:Process Control & Automation


In this project the safety of personnel and the productivity were addressed. This project was implemented in a phased approach upgrading one converter at a time to reduce impact on production.

Phase 1 – No.5 Converter Controls

The converter controls were upgraded and moved into a safe environmental control booth to allow the operator to remotely control the converters. This included additional instrumentation, communication and monitoring hardware. The implementation of more video surveillance in the unsafe area made the converter aisle safer and more productive, in addition to increasing cost effectiveness. The No.5 converter remote controls were designed into one ergonomically correct console, which included pushbuttons, lights, joystick, video surveillance (including infrared) and process control screens. The relay panel was redesigned to allow control of the No.5 converter from the booth. The two GE 250 VDC relays were replaced with Allen Bradley 250 VDC relays. Seven new Allen Bradley and a 250 VDC – 24 VDC power supply were added to the relay panel. A new desk was designed with provisions to store 4 computers (Foxboro and business).

Phase 2 – No.6 Converter Controls

This project worked in conjunction with the previous No.5 converter controls project. The recommendations implemented greatly reduced the exposure of the personnel to hazardous conditions as well as increase the efficiency of production. The configuration of the No.6 converter duplicated the operation of the No.5 converter.