Custom Feed Calciner Plant Integration and Commissioning

BESTECH successfully led the integration and commissioning of the Outotec Courier OSA system at the Custom Feed Calciner Plant, marking a significant upgrade in the mill's assay analysis capabilities. The introduction of the advanced Outotec Courier 6iSL Analyzer, coupled with 19 new inline sample points, allowed for more precise and real-time analysis, crucial for improving extraction results. Our comprehensive approach, extending from system integration to staff training, ensured the mill could fully leverage the capabilities of this advanced analytical technology.

The Custom Feed Calciner Plant required an upgrade of their sample analyzer system to enhance real-time assay analysis and improve extraction results. The challenge was to integrate a new Outotec Courier 6iSL Analyzer system and ensure seamless operation across the mill.

BESTECH led the integration, construction, and commissioning of the Outotec Courier on stream analyzer (OSA) system at the mill. This included upgrading from the existing sample analyzer to the more advanced Outotec Courier 6iSL Analyzer and integrating 19 inline sample points across the mill for automatic process flow sampling.

Key Features:

  • Integration and commissioning of the Outotec Courier 6iSL Analyzer system.
  • Upgrade and addition of 19 inline sample points for automated sampling.
  • Development of training documentation and operational personnel training.
  • Enhancements to real-time and accurate assay analysis capabilities.

The integration of the new Outotec Courier OSA system significantly improved the mill’s operational efficiency. By enabling accurate and real-time assay analysis, the mill could make better-informed decisions, leading to improved extraction results. BESTECH’s role in training the personnel ensured the smooth operation of the new system.