Custom Feed Calciner Plant for Xstrata Nickel

For Xstrata Nickel, BESTECH played a pivotal role in developing the Custom Feed Calciner Plant, a facility designed for efficient pre-treatment of recycled materials. Our comprehensive approach included not only the electrical and automation design but also PLC/HMI programming and commissioning. The successful implementation of this project highlighted our ability to work within stringent design standards and deliver a system that operates around the clock, contributing significantly to the plant's overall efficiency.

Xstrata Nickel required a pre-treatment facility capable of handling various recycled materials before feeding them into the furnace and converters. The project demanded a collaboration of experts from diverse backgrounds to meet design objectives while adhering to Xstrata Nickel design standards.

BESTECH was responsible for all electrical design, automation, PLC/HMI programming, commissioning, and system training for the Custom Feed Calciner Plant. Our role encompassed overseeing multiple aspects of the project, from lighting and grounding systems to building HVAC and networking infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive electrical design and building cabling management.
  • Implementation of building HVAC and networking infrastructure.
  • Installation of an automation system with multiple I/O drops and Foxboro DCS.
  • Design and integration of material receiving, rotary kiln, drum cooler, after burner, spray cooler, baghouse, and product handling systems.
  • Installation of over 420 instruments and a fire protection system.
  • Construction assistance and post-project support.

Completed between 2005 and 2007, the Custom Feed Calciner Plant now operates continuously, enhancing the efficiency of material handling and pre-treatment processes. BESTECH’s involvement ensured the facility met its design objectives and Xstrata Nickel’s standards, demonstrating our capability in complex industrial plant design and automation.