Kidd Mine Detailed Engineering and Automation

BESTECH's project at Glencore (as Xstrata) Kidd Mine involved detailed engineering and automation, covering a wide range of systems from ore handling to ventilation control. Our team's expertise in electrical engineering and automation played a pivotal role in modernizing the mine's infrastructure, ensuring efficient and safe operations. The successful implementation of these systems, coupled with our training and commissioning efforts, demonstrated our ability to deliver comprehensive and technologically advanced solutions in the mining industry.

Xstrata Nickel required extensive engineering, design, and project management services for the Kidd D-mine development, focusing on electrical and instrumentation aspects including power distribution, communication, and automation systems.

BESTECH provided end-to-end services for the Kidd D-mine project, encompassing all aspects of electrical and instrumentation engineering. Our team was responsible for designing and managing the installation of power distribution systems, communication networks, and various automated systems.

Key Features:

  • Engineering and design of power distribution and electrical communication networks.
  • Automation of ore sizing and handling systems, rockbreaker stations, dewatering, and process water systems.
  • Installation of truck loading chutes and a scoop tram dump system.
  • Review and integration of ABB hoist control and material handling systems.
  • Development and implementation of a skip level lock system and ventilation fans.
  • Comprehensive PLC and HMI programming, commissioning, and training.

From 2002 to 2005, BESTECH’s work at Kidd Mine facilitated the development of advanced, automated systems for efficient and safe mining operations. Our involvement in the project ensured that Kidd Mine was equipped with the latest technology in mining automation and electrical systems.