Project:Power Systems


BESTECH is a speciality engineering service provider with superior designs and solutions tailored to energy use in mining. Our team has skills, knowledge, and technolgy solutions related to energy use, conservation, and generation. This is a particularly important area of focus in Ontario given the mining sector is the largest consumer of electricity in the province. Energy management guidance and technology solutions are a keen focus with the increasing risk related to licence to operate and mining clients commitment to deliver on environmental, sustainability and governance (ESG) objectives. BESTECH is highly experienced in leading energy-related projects for our mining clients. We identify and execute these specialty projects and we are successful in developing proposals to access important government funding from programs such as the IESO Industrial Accelerator Program in Ontario. BESTECH has completed more than $1.8M in IESO-funded projects for KGHM alone for the Morrison/McCreedy Mine operations.

We successfully completed the preliminary engineering and detailed engineering studies including:

  • Surface and underground ventilation louver and fan controls
  • Dewatering system improvements
  • Compressor systems
  • Heat trace and heat recovery
  • Energy management control systems
  • NRG-1 ECO controls (manual, scheduled, and automated)